53 Ideas to Killer Facebook Posting

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Posting to Facebook

Do you ever hit a wall that you just can’t think of anything creative to post to Facebook? Well we have an awesome way to get you on top of your game and keep you there! There are times when you’ll want to post something specific related to an event that’s happening in the office or an insider tip, or some days an inspiring quote is all your fans need from you. When you’re rocking out with other things we hope this list will get you moving in the right direction! Remember to have fun and be yourself.

  1. Post an image. Posts with images perform 90% better than those without.
  2. Post an informative video.
  3. Share a story about a favorite customer.
  4. Highlight others in your community, like a non-profit you appreciate.
  5. Run a contest or giveaway.
  6. Quote someone you work with.
  7. Share a recent completed project and ask what your audience thinks of it.
  8. Ask people to like and share your posts or leave a comment.
  9. Always ask them to take an action when you do promote. Only promote 20% of the time!
  10. Add locations to your posts.
  11. Use people’s name when responding to their questions!
  12. Offer something for free – a gift!
  13. Share resources by promoting other local companies.
  14. Run a joint offer with another local business.
  15. Try a Facebook offer offline – “Like us online today and mention it for a free coffee.”
  16. Invite your friends to like your business page!
  17. Create a fill in the blank. “If I had all the money in the world, I would_______.”
  18. Invite us to: “Like if you love apple picking.”
  19. Post an old relic and ask, “Remember when the street lights meant it’s dinner time?”
  20. “Remember when we all remembered everyone’s phone numbers?”
  21. Like VS Share: Like for Rock, Share for Country.
  22. Share someone else’s post and make a great comment on it as you share.
  23. Do you have any hobbies to share?
  24. Share something that’s happening in your life and ask for advice.
  25. Give us an inside peek into what it’s like at your office.
  26. Share an industry idea, like a journal entry or a great blog.
  27. Share your own blog.
  28. Post an inspiring quote that you love or find online.
  29. Share something that gives you joy. It can be a cup of Joe at Starbucks.
  30. Tell us an industry secret and give us a link to your website.
  31. Have you won an award? Post an image of that for us!
  32. Can you tell us about a product you offer and how it benefits us?
  33. What are your plans for the weekend? Tell us!
  34. Ask for feedback on your latest offer.
  35. Inspire your VIP community or brand champions by asking them to give feedback on and share you work.
  36. Take a poll about any new offers marketing, packaging or language.
  37. Check to see if there are any seasonal or monthly happenings that make sense for you create an offering with; for example, April is stress awareness month.
  38. Did someone buy your service this week? What were they looking for and what did you provide? Tell us how it went down.
  39. Ask for participation on your blog posts. Things like, “Would you prefer us to cover a story on this or that next month?”
  40. Share goodwill. Have you been donating time at a charity? Share their mission or latest project.
  41. Are you part of a church? Share an image of your time there.
  42. Stick with a visual theme. Incorporate colors and imagery in ways that stay close to your brand.
  43. Are you experiencing any big wins or challenges at the company? Share those.
  44. Share industry news from trusted sources you align with.
  45. Post any press releases.
  46. Share any interesting data research that you have or find.
  47. Share your company growth. Graphs and charts can be exciting!
  48. Be sure to highlight any promotions your company or partners might be running.
  49. Make announcements of any new services or product.
  50. Ask what new types of products or services your customers would be interested in purchasing from you.
  51. Take a poll and ask your customers what their favorite product or service that you offer is.
  52. Be human. How can you share your personal side with us? Do you eat ice cream in the morning?
  53. Do you have any industry predictions you can share with your community?

Remember to enjoy posting to Social Media, it’s an opportunity to make a connection with your audience! Now go get ’em!