Megan Marini, Digital Strategy

Megan Marini has more than 8 years of experience creating digital marketing strategy. She’s worked in media in the form of television, print, digital and events. She has helped over 70 clients succeed online and has played a crucial role in helping these clients generate sustained financial growth. She’s now focussing on disruptive campaigns and sharing the good work of the Superheroes to inspire the public to brand well and market often.

A dream project would be running an interactive campaign in Abu-Dhabi.

Megan Marini is as Boston as they get. She loves art, dance and human psychology.


Tom Fratolillo, Creative Director

Tom ‘Frat’ serves as the Creative Director, bringing over 20 years of experience to the firm specializing in advertising and creative design.

Tom most recently headed up Mile Ends Creative, a small design studio located in the Boston area. He also served as an Artist Supervisor in the Advertising Department for the Stop and Shop Supermarket Company.

He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in both Graphic Design and Illustration from the Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia.


Aimee Maescher, Lead Design

Aimee Maescher has extensive experience in the brand building process and strategic initiatives critical to a successful marketing campaign. Aimee’s experience includes project management and design direction at all levels. Highly motivated to understand her clients’ business goals and target audiences, Aimee is an enthusiastic and dedicated team player with a solid record of accomplishments.

Her superpowers lie in strategic marketing planning, project management, SWOT analysis, brand strategy and development, design and production.


Mike Valente, Developer

Mike Valente wears the cape of Web Developer, focusing on web programming languages such as Javascript and PHP. He worked on a number of websites before joining the team, and many since! He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts.

Mike keeps the team in awe with his lightening speed super powers.