Website Company South Shore Kerry Connelly recently opened Row & Ride, a unique gym that blends spin, rowing and now barre. Connelly is a pioneer on the South Shore with a concept that has, in her first year, landed her a Best of Boston award.

She collaborated with Superheroes because she wanted to engage social media effectively and let the South Shore know about her new business. Right away it became apparent to us that the website needed updating. It made no sense to bring in web traffic, when visitors will land on the site and feel like the vibe is off. The website on the right is the old one, and the one on the left is the new and updated site.

We wanted the new site to reflect the upscale and understated spa like experience you get at Row & Ride. By streamlining the look and feel we were able to give Kerry the bright, sleek and engaging site she really wanted. Now, we get to grow her business.