Social Media Campaign Boston Superheroes partnered with Reed Hill, an advertising agency in Phoenix, to create a campaign promoting the opening of a Dental Surgeon’s office. 

Instagram was the social channel we chose to focus on. We knew we could reach their audience if the stunt struck a cord with them.

Let’s face it, you need a client with an innovative spirit for the exploratory nature of campaigns like this – and this client was up for it.

The ideation alone was exciting. You always start with a line of questioning. How do we get in front of the demographic with something they love? With a sold out Taylor Swift concert coming to town we had the perfect idea. Getting people to pose as Taylor Swift and letting the Instagram followers judge who had the best Taylor Swift pose worked. Local mentions went through the roof and we had a great time watching the pictures of the most unlikely of folks dressed as Taylor Swift. It was like there was no end to what they would do to win. Within a three week campaign the client saw 250,000 brand mentions.