Website Company Quincy Transitions Kitchen & Bath had an outdated website that was in need of updating. The image on the left is the old website and the larger image is the new and updated site. Technology had changed since the site was built and the design concept was not communicating that this was the company you go to when you want someone to design your kitchen or bathroom. When a website is too busy or outdated you can send the wrong message to your visitors.

With Transitions, much time was focussed on how we could best communicate the experience the user was after. We knew each buyer was different and had their own personal style. Some knew exactly what they wanted and others needed more information before they could make a decision, this led us to thinking through different stages of the buying process that we needed to consider on the site. We wanted the visitor to get the same feeling they get walking into the showroom as they visiting the website. There’s a deep level of customer service, expert service and showing this on the site was a process of simplifying and refining their big WHY. The client feels confident the new site reflects both their audience and their vision.