Content Marketing

Do Small Business Owners Really Need Content Marketing? 

You betcha! Content marketing spending is currently experiencing the largest climb of any other component of marketing. And that’s because the audience dictates the market, and people want information. The art of delivering it is a true craft and is what enables social and mobile sharing.

The problem small business owners face is having the time to craft great content on a consistent basis. Finding the time to develop ideas that meet the needs of your potential customers takes time. We help you by delivering the best message, in your voice, to your audience.

How Does It Work:

Content marketing is about giving, rather than pitching. Offering your prospects free access to useful information, to insights into the subjects that interest them the most, and—to a lesser extent—into your company and how you work will keep your brand in their minds and begin to build trust and a relationship with your buyer. Which is the best way to see continued growth for your company.

How We Can Help You:  

Our Copywriting services are very affordable starting at $50 an hour for email marketing and blogging, website, direct mailers, brochures, presentations, and video scripts.  The price goes up $75-150 an hour on high-tech or medical writing.