Building brand equity involves more than merely promoting your services and skills. Third-party recognition has the power to make your business important to your buyer. When someone recommends someone to you, you’re more likely to buy from them. Integrating public relations with social media will truly help you garner the attention of your audience; it helps them understand you and increases the chances they’ll buy from you.

The marketplace is noisier and more cluttered than ever before. Just imagine how many communications platforms launched today… the numbers are staggering.  It’s very challenging to be seen and heard in the midst of all that noise; but every day it becomes more important.

That’s where public relations—a tool that’s been around for a long time—still carries its weight. Unlike paid advertising (which has its place in the world), “earned” media offers clout and validity to companies, brands, and products. Editorial coverage in a newspaper, trade magazine or news segment is essentially an endorsement, and it can help move the needle for organizations in ways that other mechanisms can’t.

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