Email Writing: Think Simplicity, Not Promotion

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Around 70% of emails sent from businesses are never opened. Those 30% that are seen must be impactful, timely and offer value in the mind of your reader. I’ve put together a few tips that will help you prepare insightful emails to keep your readers hitting open when they see your name in their inbox!


What personality would your customers say your company has? When you begin writing think of actual words that reflect the style and tone of your brand. Think of the personal style of your business; is it quirky, sensational or grounded in facts and safety? What actual words do your clientele use to talk about what you do? Incorporate those words!

If you have a hip clothing company you’ll want to think of crafting your message with the same personality and thought that goes into the stitches and the cut of your gear. You can carry this personality throughout the ecosystem of all of your communication, not just your email newsletter.

Email writing: think simplicity, not promotion


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Think about the Strategy. WHY are you communicating? It’s nice to keep folks in the loop, but if you haven’t reached out in a while you don’t actually need to unless you are ready to. It’s understandable to want to stay top of mind, but making great choices when you’re asking for people’s attention is often times more about simplicity and timing than anything else. In other words, only send messages that are part of your overall strategy with a pointed focus. Why does this message matter to your audience? And is now the time to send it?


Do your sentences include a lot of Me, We, Us… Or do they mention You? If most of the sentences are about We, the occasion is all about you. Relationship building, especially when digital, must be customer centric. The best messaging is about the reader. Think through the angle of your writing from the lens of YOU.. You can learn, you’ll look better, fail less, you can be safer, you’ll be smarter, you’ll be healthier.. You get the point. If it’s always about your company and not your client your click through rates will suffer.


Your audience does not need to know what’s going on with your company until it matters to them. So make it matter to them. What can you give them as a tease of what’s to come? A foreshadowing of the very near launch.. remember most people are extremely busy. Can we name or hint at whatever you’re rolling out? Give them a complementary goodie, or entry into a VIP offer? We’re partnering with NPO’s you’ll want to get behind. The team is growing with some folks you might know. I suggest you choose only one idea. Think about things that would get them to act and share your content – now we’re talking!


What imagery will enhance the awesomeness of this email correspondence?


Make sure you end with an ASK. Hit us up on Instagram to keep up with what’s coming! If your messaging fails to convey the next step you want your audience to take you can bet they wont take any. And you’ve wasted your time.

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Good Luck with your writing! And let me know if you have any comments or questions.