Highlighting a Brand Superhero: Viktoria Modesta

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Each year thousands of new ‘acts’ come on the scene, hundreds of thousands of new businesses try to attempt to get their voice heard in a saturated marketplace. The struggle to define yourself as unique, authentic and on time is quite real. Viktoria Modesta has made her mark by reaching right for her audience’s heart. Her visuals and what she stands for is so unique her brand is truly unforgettable. It doesn’t hurt that her music is exceptional as well. 

Viktoria Modesta is a true pioneer in an industry consistently saturated with copy-cats. At a time when one pop star sounds almost identical to the next and their images are so similar they could become interchangeable, Modesta is bringing something different to the scene. As the world’s first amputee pop star, Modesta is making a name for herself as a talented vocalist and performer, that happens to have a prosthetic leg.

Viktoria Modesta

The Latvian-born Viktoria Modesta broke out last year after a UK channel debuted the video to her first single, “Prototype,” as part of an advertisement, exposing the world to her wild style and musical personality. Attracting world-wide attention, Modesta quickly connected with viewers around the globe.

Fans have embraced Modesta and her message because she is talented and authentic; also, she is filling a deep void that has long needed to be filled, bringing necessary attention to the fact that there is very little representation of disability in contemporary pop culture. 

Having undergone a voluntary amputation at the age of 20 after dealing with life-long complications in her left leg stemming from an accident during childbirth, the British pop star initially experienced trouble in her budding career as she was only offered roles for an amputee. Now that her musical career is taking off and she is being recognized for her personal style and musical talents, Modesta is eager to share her brand and its powerful message with the world.

“I have never felt comfortable thinking of myself as disabled and this has inspired me to actively challenge old-fashioned views and create a platform in mainstream pop-culture, with other artists, where I have always known I belonged. The time for boring ethical discussions around disability is over. It’s only through feelings of admiration, aspiration, curiosity and envy that we can move forward.”

“I hope that people who consider themselves disabled realize how much power they have,” she says. “It’s down to them to present themselves as individuals who believe in themselves and who love life – and no one is going to argue with that.”  -Viktoria Modesta

This gal gets superhero status!