2016 – The Year of Digital Marketing

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Are you tired of complaining about your website? Do you post occasionally to social media but lack any strategic thinking that could positively affect your company’s bottom line? Now is the time to build your online brand and get in front of new business. 2016 will be an even bigger year than last for digital marketing spend, and that’s because everyone is online, well about 85% of Americans. The problem with waiting any longer is that your competitors are online building relationships with your audience right now.

By updating your online presence to reflect who you are as a brand will absolutely transform your company. Remember, most of the time that’s all a potential customer will see, is your website and your social media. Their impressions are formed fast, YOUR brand must tell THIER story. Otherwise they bounce from your site and they’re on to find someone who has that right equation. Don’t worry, we got you!

The work we do is powerful. We might not be slaying villains, but in our own humble way we are changing the world. Meet the Marketing Superheroes founder, Megan Marini on Sound Advice.


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